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* PalmTree Pundit - To mark your page you: use a bookmark, bend the page corner, ... went on to clearly explain true biblical Christianity as faith with Christ as its object. ...

* Once in a while - Bits of everything...whatever, whenever..Family, Friends, Fun, Travel, General, News, Music.. etc etc

* Uncle Rod's Astro Blog - Out in the Big Bend area of the Lone Star State, TSP is blessed with skies that are both .... as I effortlessly cruised from object to object, marvel to mystery. .... Not only were the objects almost as tough as 1999’s “Planetary Party” ...

*'s Blog - My thoughts will involve women's issues and how to overcome the emotional ups and downs that women face today. I will share my own experiences and successes in how I have managed to deal with all of the negativity surrounding my life! These are my thoughts, my goal is merely to shed some new light into your lonely, dark, confused way of thinking!

* Words for Life - This blog include many valuable words for better life. Happiness is not something you find, it's something you create…" I hope.............. you wake up this morning with a ...

* Life as i know it - It's a blog aimed to improve the world as well as the inner self.

* Hope, Fate, and a Little Hypothetical Coffee. - My blog is an outlet to express my creativity and to entertain. Whether you are looking for a dash of inspiration or a daily dose of optimism you will have come to the write place! It's easy to read my posts & appropriate for all ages! I update on a regular basis, so check back for new, exciting reads often!

* Meandering Thoughts - rants, wants, desires, and DREAMS!

* Sorrow at Sills Bend - Indeed because so many of us want urgently to do this there is no way any kind of material object donation (short of stockfeed, or long-term lending a house ...

* Astronomy - Blog is about the science of Astronomy.

* Pamposh Dhar - South Asia, social trends and behaviour, orbs, women, politics; musings on my world.

* Mom from a distance - Journal of a non-custodial mom.

* Majestic Lure - Is a poetry blog that conveys the experiences through a poetic perspective. This blog contains many poems that demonstrate, strength, power, success, struggle,life, and freedom. I am an aspiring poet with a need to share my work, I hope you enjoy, review, and comment. Thank You!

* Our Chaotic Life - Just a fun place to hang out,you will find pictures, blog designs, recipes, meme, kids activities, and anything else I can wrap my mind around.

* Confessions of a regular mind - I believe in the power of words, the energy they release and the emotions they can create. I believe we all have stories to tell and experiences to share. These are my stories, some of them true, some not. Treat them consequently.

* Make-Up N' Kiss - For lovers of all things beauty.

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